Via Joe Cey

The Sask West Hockey League has recently announced that a new League award will be given out starting at the end of the 2023 season and running for 10 years.

The award will be given to the hardest working local player in the SWHL.

The award will be in memory of Bill Cey from Wilkie who passed away in April / 2022 at the age of 93.

Bill was a longtime supporter of hockey in Wilkie, first as a player, manager, coach, president, and also, president of the league when it was known as the Wild Goose Hockey League.

Bill was always particularly fond of the hard-working local players that made for successful senior teams.

The award in Bill's memory will be known as the SWHL's Hardest Working Local Player.

Each season every team in the league will nominate one player with a short explanation as to why that player deserves this award.

A winner will be chosen from the nominees annually.