The SWHL held its annual fall meeting back on Tuesday evening. One of the things discussed was the schedule, and with the same eight teams taking part this season, the format will be the same in 2022-23. SWHL President Joe Cey explains.   

“We have the same eight teams that we had last year; everybody is gung-ho to go again. The season kicks off the last weekend of October, Friday, October 28th is Unity at Biggar, that’s the first game on the schedule. It’s a nice balanced 14 game schedule, a home and home between the eight teams.” 

The 2021-22 season was a very competitive one with Kindersley, Macklin and Wilkie tied for first place, with Edam just behind with 20 points, and Hafford with 16 to wrap up the top five. Cey expects it to be another closely contested year in 2022-23. 

“I expect to see the same thing again this year, with the strong Kindersley, Macklin, Wilkie teams. Both Hafford and Edam, looking at their rosters, it looks like they're going to be quite competitive as well. Some of those younger teams like Kerrobert and Biggar are continuing to improve, and Unity as well.” 

As for other league news, it was decided the Luseland Mallards senior team would indeed fold, after taking a one-year leave of absence last season. 

“Luseland has given notice that they are folding, so they won't be back in the near future. So, we have that clear. We have the same executive as we've had in the past this year as well,” Cey added. 

The complete schedule for the SWHL for 2022-23 is below.


Week 1 (October 2022) 

         Friday October 28:                               Unity at Biggar                        8:30 

          Saturday October 29:                          Macklin at Kindersley            7:30 

          Saturday October 29:                          Haffford at Unity                     8:00 

          Sunday October 30:                            Biggar at Macklin                    3:30 

Week 2 (November 2022) 

           Friday November 4:                            Unity at Macklin                       8:30 

           Friday November 4:                             Hafford at Biggar                     8:30 

           Friday November 4:                             Wilkie at Kindersley                8:00 

           Saturday November 5:                        Edam at Biggar                        8:00 

           Saturday November 5:                        Unity at Wilkie                         8:00                          

Week 3 (November 2022) 

           Friday November 11:                         Wilkie at Kerrobert                   8:30 

           Saturday November 12:                     Unity at Kindersley                  7:30 

           Saturday November 12:                     Kerrobert at Wilkie                   8:00 

Week 4 (November 2022) 

           Friday November 18:                          Kindersley at Unity                   8:00  Game broadcast on Classic Hits Radio

           Friday November 18:                          Kerrobert at Macklin               8:30 

           Saturday November 19:                     Macklin at Biggar                      7:00 

           Saturday November 19:                     Edam at Kerrobert                    8:00 

           Saturday November 19:                     Hafford at Wilkie                       8:00 

           Sunday November 20:                        Hafford at Kerrobert                 5:30 (Grey Cup) * 

Week 5 (November 2022) 

           Friday November 25:                          Biggar at Kindersley                   8:00 

           Saturday November 26:                      Kerrobert at Biggar                   7:00 

           Saturday November 26:                      Kindersley at Wilkie                  8:00  Game broadcast on Classic Hits Radio

           Saturday November 26:                      Edam at Macklin                        8:00 

Week 6 (December 2022) 

           Saturday December 3:                         Edam at Unity                            8:00 

           Sunday December 4:                            Wilkie at Unity                           2:00 

           Sunday December 4:                            Kindersley at Biggar                  2:00  Game broadcast on Classic Hits Radio

Week 7 (December 2022) 

           Wednesday December 7:                     Hafford at Edam                      8:00 

            Friday December 9:                              Macklin at Kerrrobert             8:30 

            Saturday December 10:                       Kindersley at Kerrobert          8:00  Game broadcast on Classic Hits Radio

            Saturday December 10:                       Biggar at Edam                         8:00 

            Saturday December 10:                       Macklin at Hafford                   8:00 

Week 8 (December 2022) 

           Friday December 16:                             Wilkie at Hafford                      8:00 

           Friday December 16:                             Macklin at Edam                      8:30 

           Saturday December 17:                        Macklin at Wilkie                     8:00 

           Saturday December 17:                        Biggar at Hafford                     8:00 

           Saturday December 17:                        Kindersley at Edam                 8:00  Game broadcast on Classic Hits Radio

           Saturday December 17:                        Kerrobert at Unity                   8:00 

Week 9 (December 2022) 

           Thursday December 22:                      Hafford at Kindersley               7:30 

           Friday December 23:                            Macklin at Unity                        8:30 

           Friday December 23:                            Edam at Wilkie                          7:30 


Week 10 (January 2023) 

           Friday January 6:                                    Kerrobert at Kindersley           7:30 

            Friday January 6:                                   Unity at Edam                           8:30 

            Friday January 6:                                   Biggar at Wilkie                         8:30 

            Saturday January 7:                              Kindersley at Hafford               8:00  Game broadcast on Classic Hits Radio

            Saturday January 7:                              Wilkie at Edam                          8:00 

Week 11 (January 2023) 

            Friday January 13:                                Wilkie at Biggar                          8:30 

             Friday January 13:                                Unity at Hafford                        8:30 

             Saturday January 14:                           Kindersley at Macklin               8:00  Game broadcast on Classic Hits Radio

             Saturday January 14:                           Edam at Hafford                        8:00 

             Saturday January 14:                           Biggar at Kerrobert                   8:00 

             Sunday January 15:                              Edam at Kindersley                   5:00 

             Sunday January 15:                              Kerrobert at Hafford                 3:00 

Week 12 (January 2023) 

             Friday January 20:                                Wilkie at Macklin                       8:30 

             Friday January 20:                                Unity at Kerrobert                     8:30 

             Saturday January 21:                           Kerrobert at Edam                     8:30 

             Saturday January 21:                           Hafford at Macklin                    8:00 

             Saturday January 21:                           Biggar at Unity                           8:00