The Kindersley Composite School held a special variety night and talent show this past Wednesday. It was put on by the Interact Club at KCS, and Adina Coles with the club shares some of the details from the special evening.  

“We had seven acts from Elizabeth Middle School and then we had 10 from KCS and we had three adult or community acts. So, it was some teachers and other community members that did performances.” 

“It was called variety night and there was such a wide variety. We had someone who did a rollerblading routine to music, we had a magic show, we had a really well-beloved teacher, Angie Johnson. She sang a song. She has an amazing voice.  

We had a community group; they're called the Monday night jammers and they jam every Monday and there's people in their 60s all the way to high school kids, and there were eight of them in the group that did two numbers.  

We had a girl who designed clothing and then she did a little kind of an act in the clothing that she designed and did a Q&A. We had a stop motion animation feature. We had artwork in the lobbyist, we had a whole variety of talent displayed.” 

The evening raised money for a couple of great causes, as Coles explains. 

“We do local projects and then we do one international project a year. So, our international donation is going to be towards the Ukraine humanitarian appeal. And we're also going to support a young boy in Westberry School who is battling cancer right now. And his name is Kenzie Garcia, so we'll give it to his family.  

And then we're really excited for our project next year, as we are going to be involved in a hospital beautification project. So, kids in this group are going to be making artwork and we're going to put it up at the location in the Heritage Manor and in the mental health ward in the Kindersley Hospital.” 

KCS will also be staying busy as we reach grad season in the West Central region, as they will be hosting their Annual Awards Day program the morning of Wednesday, June 14th.  The program will be held at the KCS gym beginning at 10:15 am.  

Following this will be the Grade 12 Grads vs. KCS Staff Annual Ball Tournament at Berard Field.