Warnings ended 6:55pm

Eatonia, Mantario, Cactus Lake, Mackli, Denzil, Evesham.

Glidden, Madison, Kerrobert, Luseland.

Salvador, Reward, Tramping Lake.

Update 6:23

Including Dodsland and Plenty

Update 6:16

Includes Salvador, Reward, Tramping Lake, Broadacres, Kerobert, Luseland, Macklin, Denzil, Evesham, Cactus Lake.

Update 6:06

Includes Sceptre, Lemsford, Portreeve, Abbey, Shackleton, Lancer


West Central Sask is under a tornado warning. 5:54pm from Environment Canada

RM of Kindersley including the towns of Kindersley, Flaxcombe and Brock.

RM of Snipe Lake including Eston Madison, Plato, Glidden, Laporte, Mantario, Marengo, Alsask, Eatonia.

Take cover immediately if winds become damaging or dangerous. 

If winds are destructive take cover in a basement or culvert.

Be aware of changing skies. Be sure to have an emergency kit with you in the basement. 

  • flashlights, extra batteries
  • blankets
  • candles, matches
  • food items
  • extra water

If a tornado doesn't touchdown it is called a land spout, which can still be dangerous and damaging. If you are in any doubt, get down low. 

scary sky