After the Zamboni in Outlook broke down last week, the Town of Outlook was desperately looking for a replacement in the meantime. Director of Recreation and Community Development for Outlook Megan Anthony, called all around the region and the Town of Biggar stepped up to help out the community in their time of need.  

Anthony talks about what happened to the Zamboni.  

“On Monday (Jan. 2) night we had a hydraulic pump fail so that forced us to have the cancel a lot of our user groups for the week. As we were unable to do any ice maintenance. We were having some issues with it and weren't able to get the parts until later in the week, so I started calling a bunch of different communities to see if we could borrow anyone's machine just to do ice maintenance, as we had a big game going on Friday night of that week.” 

Anthony's call for help was answered by Biggar Recreation Director Erin Poitras.

“I actually called about 10 different communities around Outlook and I was unsuccessful in securing a machine which is completely fair. Everyone else is using their machines at this time. It's pretty busy, so I just kind of lucked out when I called Biggar, as they had an extra one and they were willing to let us use it. So, we were very grateful for that opportunity and it allowed us to get back to normal operations," Anthony added.

Poitras talked about the phone call with Anthony. 

“Megan called and I think I kind of made her day when we just happened to mention that we happened to have an extra one (Zamboni). Because like she mentioned, most communities are using theirs and whether it just be for practices, it's something that you can't go without if you're going to run your arena. So, we had one that was ready to go and why not help out a community when they need it?” 

Anthony was happy to report, the Zamboni which had broken down has been fixed, and was ready to go just in time for the Delisle Chiefs regular season neutral site game against Carrot River last Friday.