The Town of Eston is looking for residents to share their opinions on a number of things regarding the Town.

The Eston Community Survey 2023 is out, as they want to know right from the source what is needed, and what is thriving in Eston.

This quote comes from Mayor Glenn Goheen.

“As we enter 2023, it is time to develop a revised Strategic Plan for the upcoming 5 years.  We want to know what the community wants and what is important to the community—that’s what we are here for.  So, we strongly encourage every resident to fill out this survey questionnaire and get involved because this is what we are using to base our decisions on.  For the past five years, the Town has followed its previous strategic plan extremely closely, but as people grow and change, their wants and goals do as well.  We are pleased with the success in reaching our goals over the past 5 years, and are looking forward to working with you to continue making Eston a great place to live.”

They ask residents to share their satisfaction level regarding town services, quality of life in town, and overall state of where the Town of Eston currently sits:

Town of Eston Community Survey 2023

There are 19 questions in total to answer, and if you are a resident of Eston you are encouraged to click the link above to share your thoughts.