After three long years, the World Championship Bunnock Tournament is set to return to the Town of Macklin.   

Macklin CAO, and one of the main organizers of the tournament, Kim Gartner, is happy for the return of the special event, and said it took a little extra time to organize, due to the fact it hasn’t been held since 2019. 

“It's been tough on the committee after three years of sitting idle, we have to relearn everything. When you're used to hosting 4000 people and the community does such a fantastic job, you take some time off, you have to relearn,” Gartner said. 

As for how many teams are taking part, Gartner said there will be quite a good turnout for the 2022 edition of the Bunnock Tournament. 

“We have 294 teams registered at this point and we've cut off registrations because we have just too much work that has to be done in the final few days. Normally we would have 320, this year, coming back out of pandemic and all that kind of stuff, we're quite happy with 294.” 

When speaking about the thing himself, and most people of Macklin are looking forward to in the return of the Championship, they are looking forward to reconnecting with the community. 

“The best part about the tournament is reconnecting with friends and family. That was probably the biggest thing that we've seen around the community, is that people are so anxious to get together and talk and have a beer and get to know each other again,” Gartner added. 

Gartner also mentioned even if the weather doesn't co-operate, the show must go on. 

“It looks like it’s going to be really nice, but I keep telling everyone it's an outdoor sport. Let's get out there and play it. Let's enjoy the sunshine and if it rains, we're just going to keep right on going.” 

For people around the area who are not familiar with bunnock, Gartner suggested to come watch the final game Sunday night, to get a first-rate lesson. 

“We have got the final games going on Sunday night, at 6:00 o'clock. If anybody wants to see how a well-played game of bunnock is done, that's the game to watch,” he added. 

This event is just one of many in the Town of Macklin in a busy summer for the community. 

“The community has come together; we've had a lot of events here this summer. We're hosting four provincial baseball tournaments, three of them are in the books, one to come. And then you toss in a huge event like this, the volunteers that it takes to put it on there is an incredible number. Without the community support, and the support of our business community, it's just not possible,” Gartner added. 

The fun begins with a Car Show & Shine at the Macklin Arena this Friday, July 29 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm. And then the games begin on Saturday at 9:00 am at the Macklin Lake Regional Park. There is also be some live entertainment planned, as Music by “Fury” will be Saturday night at 9:00 pm to go along with a Fireworks show at dusk.  

After the championship game on Sunday, more live entertainment is on tap, as there will be music by RECT & Free the Twins beginning at 9:00 pm as well. There are also hot & cold food booths, daily beer gardens and 50/50 draws throughout the weekend.