After the departure of the long time Culture, Parks, and Recreation Director Nicole Headrick, her shoes have been officially filled. The Town of Unity announced via social media that Lisa Feser accepted the position.  

Unity mayor Sharon Del Frari was happy with the hire, and very pleased with what the outgoing Headrick did in her time in the role. 

“She (Headrick), certainly dove right in and took the job to the fullest, but I can understand, she probably appreciates a little more time with her family. Her kids are young. So, we were looking this time for maybe not quite somebody that was a little free that way I guess, not that Nicole didn't do an awesome job, she really did,” 

Del Frari talked about the reasoning for the hire of Feser. 

“She has experience, helped with minor ball before, has a lot of experience with sports and recreation and the rest she can certainly learn. She's been doing an awesome job for actually the Interval House in Lloydminster. She’s been doing a super job there and we're really looking forward to her taking over this position,” Del Frari added. 

West Central Online then caught up with Feser, and talked about settling into the new position. She gave a quick background of what she was doing before. 

“Before I took this when I was in Lloydminster, actually I was driving to Lloydminster and I was the team lead for the Interval Society in Lloydminster. They're doing an expansion with their stores and I was leading that process,” Feser said. 

We then asked who approached her to take the position. 

“Actually, there were a handful of people, a good chunk of people who messaged me and said you should come and do this, you would be great at it and so I was like ‘wow, I think I'll try,’ Feser added. 

Feser has been acclimating to the position well, thanks to some help from Headrick, and other staff at the Town of Unity. 

“So far so good, there is a lot to learn because there's so many facets of it, but it's been pretty good so far. I'm having lots of help, Nicole the outgoing Rec Director has been very helpful and I really appreciate that, as well as everybody here in the office. They've also been really good in helping me find my way. There's lots of things I do know, but there's lots I didn't know that this position had to do so, it’s a big learning curve,” Feser said. 

As for upcoming plans for the summer season, Feser said those were all pretty much completed before she arrived, but she added some things to the summer schedule.  

“That (summer plans) were pretty much all on the go when I came on here about a month ago, so it was pretty much planned out. I've added a few little things, like a mobile park playground that Rivers West offers, so we're going to get that going. And I'm kind of looking at fall/winter and trying to make some plans for that.” 

Feser ended our conversation by saying how much she has enjoyed the new position. 

“I'm really enjoying it so far, and because I've always been such a part of the recreation in Town here, like my whole life, I like the pride, I'm proud of what we have in Unity. And I'm really happy to be part of that,” Feser said happily.