Some special recognition was handed out recently, as Unity's Regan L'Heureux was named the Baseball Canada Volunteer of the Year. L'Heureux talks about how he long he’s been involved with Unity Minor Ball. 

“I started coaching about 15 years ago with our youngest kids. I’m currently the President of Minor Ball in Unity, and been a part of Baseball Sask for a few years as well. Director, Governor, of Zone 7 and now I'm currently acting Vice President the last couple of years.” 

He then talked about his decision to get more involved with Unity Minor Ball. 

“I played senior when I was younger and I just want to help out with coaching. I'm not a hockey coach and all the hockey guys put in a long shift during the winter and I just thought I could help out in the summer with baseball. So, I like coaching and being part of the team atmosphere. Getting down to the diamond, being part of the teams.” 

He was also quick to point out all the help he received from Baseball Sask and Unity Minor Ball over the years. 

“(I’d like to thank) the executive members in Unity and with Baseball Sask, they make it easy to be a part of those associations. There's lots of good people on both of those clubs. Makes it fun to be there and make decisions and make things happen, so that's always fun.” 

He also thanked all the other volunteers who helped make this award possible. 

“Who probably should also get acknowledged, are all the other volunteers that are always there, helping us out when we need it. Got spring cleanups going on. Coaches, managers, people selling 50/50s and chipping in. If we got to lay some sod on some new ballfields, just things like that, I appreciate all that.”