Update - Thursday, May 5 2022

Things resumed recently at the Saskatoon Court of Queen’s Bench when it comes to the Greg Fertuck murder trial.

They were back in court yesterday, following a very busy day of findings last Friday, and saw the case pushed further ahead yet again.

Some progress was made as the defence won't be calling any further evidence on the voir dire, and written voir dire arguments are now scheduled to be submitted by each side over the summer months. Finally, the voir dire decision is set for Sept 15; over a year after the initial date the trial began in Saskatoon.

Update - Thursday, Mar 17 2022

According to reports on social media, the Greg Fertuck trial was briefly in court this morning. Lawyers were on hand awaiting the results of further testing of certain exhibits, and based on that testing, the Crown is applying to reopen the voir dire for the purpose of adducing new evidence.

Now it is up to the defense to oppose or consent the Crown's move, with the next hearing set for April 29. If the defence consents, the Crown will call its evidence that day, and if they oppose, the day will be used for arguments.

Original - Wednesday, Dec 8 2021

The now years long process of Greg Fertuck’s murder trial surrounding the disappearance of his wife back in 2015 has had recent time in court, and is still in need of more time to decipher evidence. The trial that has been delayed by the pandemic has had recent court time in October, November, and then most recently yesterday on December 7th. 

Reporters in the courtroom noted another adjournment from the defence during yesterdays time, as they scheduled a cross-examination for January 14th of the author of a ballistics report filed by the Crown. Written arguments on the provided evidence will be needed by February 14th, and the ruling on the voir dire evidence will be released on March 30th.  

The Crown would prefer to wait until the court proceedings to discuss the evidence findings, since it is still part of a pending application, and the last note made is that the voir dire decision date of March 30 will be vacated. 

West Central Online will continue to follow the trial.

Reports via @BreezyBreMc on Twitter