The Town of Kindersley wants to hear from citizens regarding future plans for a swimming pool.  The town has created a survey to receive input for residents of Kindersley.  The survey will also be sent out by mail and the town asks for residents to only fill out one survey.

A lengthy discussion was held during the last meeting of town council in respect to different options, with the decision being made to seek feedback before June 27th's town council meeting.

Kindersley has gone without a public swimming pool since 2014 when the pool was closed due to maintenance issues.  The pool which was 40 years old at the point of closure was discovered to pose health risks to the public.  Initially options were investigated for a brand new pool including outdoor and indoor options.  The indoor option is believed to come with a cost of over $11 million.  However the option to refurbish the old pool was re-introduced during the meeting and is now included in the survey.

The survey that went online on Friday June 17th, has a deadline of Monday June 27th at Noon, with results being discussed later that night.

The short survey consists of 4 questions and a comment box, the first questions asks which of the 3 pool options is preferred:

  • Refurbish the existing pool (Estimated cost of $650,000 - $750,000, but wil only last approximately 5-10 years)
  • A brand new outdoor pool (Estimated cost of between $9.3 Million and $10.8 Million)
  • a brand new indoor pool (Estimated cost of $11.3 Million)

The survey then asks if you are a Kindersley resident and taxpayer, and whether you support refurbishing the existing pool at all. 

The online survey can be found here:

Further details on Town Councils decision can be found here