The big day is almost here for the second annual Larry Eby Memorial Vintage Snow Drags taking place at the East 40 Motorsports Park just outside of Kindersley.

Saturday's forecast has bounced between plus and minus temperatures, but no matter the weather it's promised to be a great show at the terrific racing setup located just outside of Kindersley.

We caught up with one of the organizers in Darrell Fitterer to ask about his expectations for the day.

"Looks about -3 with some sun coming out, so that is perfect," he said, "I think we are going to get people out in the bleachers even, which would be wicked."

Fitterer says that racers around Saskatchewan have had this weekend's event marked on their map, likely due to the aforementioned facility putting on a nice event last year and a nice cash prize that will accompany the fastest sled here in 2023. That money is sure to attract some serious contenders.

"We've got the new class with no rules. We've got heavy, fast, hitters coming from all over to win that money."

While there was a decent turnout for last year's event, there was certainly one glaring omission in the stands. Unfortunately the family of Larry Eby had to miss the event held in memorial of the late sled racing icon due to poor road conditions. That won't be a problem this year as the family made it a point to get themselves back to West Central for the weekend.

"Larry's family (got here early) because they weren't going to miss it," said Fitterer.

The late Eby was an inspiration for many when it comes to racing and manufacturing, a role model for many who found themselves interested in that hobby.

Another organizer in Terry Arnold is one of those people.

"I've been racing snowmobiles my whole life. The reason I got into it was because, when I first went to a race in Dodsland when I was a kid, there he was and he was kind of my hero."

Arnold has been racing since the 90s, and thought of Eby as a mentor.

"I got to be pretty successful myself, but I wasn't an engine builder like that guy was. Anyway, he's the reason I got into it as a kid One of the reasons."

Anybody that's lucky enough to run into a former friend of Eby's at this weekends races will be blown away by what the West Central man could accomplish.

"He forgot more than some what of the big guys in the US that were building motors knew...that's how good he was. He didn't just build motors, some of his stuff was from the ground up. Chassis, everything, there wasn't anything he didn't hand build in those things which was incredible."

The machine in the title picture above is a vintage ski-doo from the 70's that would have been right up Eby's alley. So many more machines like that one, and future generations of sleds will be running over the weekend.

If the people in Kindersley can hear the raucous going on in the distance tomorrow, chances are Eby's ears in heaven will be perking to the sound of ski-doo's as well.