After a cool past couple of days, a blast of warm weather is set to hit the region this Labour Day weekend. Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Terri Lang explains. 

"We do have a ridge of high pressure building into all of western Canada. So, that's going to bring some pretty warm and dry conditions back into the province."

Lang then explained the temperatures should reach around 30 degrees today and tomorrow. 

"Temperatures initially looked like they were going to be hotter, but I guess the ridge isn't as strong as the models originally thought. Still some warm temperatures reaching that 30-degree mark for both Friday and Saturday."

A cold front is then expected to come through the region starting Sunday, causing the temperatures to seasonal values.

As for the wildfire smoke, Lang expects a smoky Friday, followed by a quick reprieve tomorrow and then a return to smoky skies on Sunday.

"There is a big surge of it coming through the day today. We should see some improvement over the next couple of days. However, when that cold front moves through on Sunday, we may see another surge of it. Anytime the wind goes around to the northwesterly direction, we tend to get more in the way of smoke."

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