With files from Hayden Michaels

The weather is looking up as we move into the weekend.

After foggy skies dominated the region all week long, today's temperature reprieve into the weekend was being anticipated by many. Today's morning forecast is showing a high of 0 for the day and a wind chill expected to come down from -10.

While foggy skies are expected to return tonight, they should dissipate tomorrow, ahead of another beautiful day. Saturday's daytime high is currently reading at +1, though extended cloud cover into next week could affect the amount of sun shining through. Sunday is back to minus temperatures, but a long ways away from the extreme cold that no one hopes will be returning again this year.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Janelle Gergely, warm weather in January isn't exactly normal, but it isn't entirely abnormal either.

"It's actually fairly common to see these fluctuations, like when we are in the ridge we are going to get those warmer temperatures from the south," said Gergely, as the opposite effect brings extreme cold from the Arctic.

Gergely also wants to remind people that while the sunshine is all well and good during the day, it does lead to slick refreezes at night on roads and walkways. That's why drivers are reminded to use caution and to slow down earlier when out late for a cruise, and pedestrians taking advantage of the weather for a late night stroll should be extra careful as well.