After nearly four years away, a familiar face is back in West Central Saskatchewan! We are pleased to welcome back Devin Brown to the Golden West team where he will be once again supplying a healthy dose of laughs and morning fun on our Classic Hits station and reporting on everything the West Central region has to offer! Here is Devin now to tell you a little bit about himself!

"I'm an old rocker. I can still rock n roll actually, just not as loud as I used to crank it. I have to watch out for old injuries when rocking. Maybe I'll just hang out on the sidelines and watch everyone else rock out! 

I'm a father of 3. Recently divorced. I'm a farm kid at heart and grew up by Forgan Sask. I recently started a blog, and my new interests also include woodworking, small business, fishing, snowmobiling. I will hopefully find time for a podcast... and triathlon.

My lifelong hobbies are exercise, hockey, baseball, cooking & cleaning.

I really like the community infrastructure in Kindersley with a new pool, walking trails - indoors and outdoors at Motherwell. You will find me there, or at the radio station. Don't be surprised if I find you first."

If you see Devin out and about in the community, feel feel to give him a big welcome back!

Here's a montage of the trip West.