Students in Kindersley recently took on a special wellness challenge, in place to help encourage staff, students, and families to engage in self-care and wellness activities.

Kindersley Composite School and Elizabeth Middle School students have been participating in these monthly challenges, and the two latest winners were announced in Lindsay Johnson’s Grade 7 class, and Kelsea Glencross’s Wellness 10 class. They enjoyed a special lunch for the effort, as the classroom that collects the most wellness minutes wins a pizza party!

According to the Sun West School Division’s release, each day they would keep track of their self-care and wellness minutes, which included activities like listening to music, going for walks, reading, yoga and many other activities.

The pair of winners each came up with creative ways to achieve their goals, while seeing their students use skills that they will use well after they leave school. A little time was taken each day to promote wellness, and it resulted in increased self-awareness, self-management and responsible decision-making, all things that have been proven to strengthen one’s resiliency and emotional intelligence.

“It was nice thinking deeper into the things I’m doing,” said one of the Grade 7 students.

Those kids were tasked with completing wellness assignments added into a document by their teacher, being asked to do two things from the calendar in each assignment. Glencross on the other hand took on the November challenge with determination and enthusiasm. Students would follow along with the provided calendar and track their self-care and wellness minutes.

This project helped the involved students feel very proud of themselves and their achievements, with one of the Grade 10 students even stating how much happier they felt overall, as just doing little things feels better than nothing.

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Grade 10's (Left) and Grade 7's (Right)