Hey! My name is Foxtyn Bazylinski, and I am the next student lucky enough to be at the radio station here in Kindersley for my high school career work experience credit! Writing news stories, broadcasting live on the radio, and journalism are all things that catch my eye, and interest me. 

I am 17 years old and am currently a grade 11 student at the Luseland High school. I am involved in a variation of things across the community of Luseland, including volunteering at local clubs such as instructing can-skating, and handling cash and food at the movie theatre. Currently, I am serving my 10th year on the SRC (Student representative council) and help with activities across the school as a grade 11 representative. From the years 2020-2022, I was given the position of vice president. I worked Alongside with Hannah Wurz who was the president at the time, and a past student here at the radio station. A large reason for my decision to come to West Central Online was based on my interest in writing news, and broadcasting live. I have always had a niche for presenting Infront of an audience, which freaks out most. But for some reason, it is one of my favourite aspects of school! 

Summertime is a busy, yet exciting season for me as I am a senior lifeguard at the Luseland Credit Union Community Swimming Pool. I have worked in this position for the three previous summers and love it. Although the occasional +40-degree days can get to you, the working environment of being a lifeguard is exciting, rewarding, and an excellent way to gain experience in a workplace as a young teenager. Besides that, sports are a large part of my life in the early months of the school year. Volleyball is one of my favorites, as I get to play a sport that I love, with people I know. But cross country is my main athletic passion. It is a rewarding feeling to be able to accomplish something which is physically demanding under your own means and individuality. Especially when there is a shiny gold medal at the finish line, or even better, a spot at provincials! I am thankful to have participated twice in my cross-country career. 

I am excited to be participating in the career work experience program, as I am sure that it will give me a great insight into what this may look like as a career, as well as guide me to figure out what my interests for my future career may be. I am excited to work with West Central Online this semester!