It's the first day of school for kids around west-central Saskatchewan.

What better time to be reminded of the different rules that exist in school zones. Places like Kindersley and Rosetown will often times feature more traffic with multiple school zones within town borders, and more school bus traffic too based on the volume of students.

Aside from driving the correct speed in school zones, year after year police have the same messages on school zone safety.

"Just be a little bit patient. Give it a second thought before you do anything. Check those mirrors, have a look out your windows, because kids are fast and you look one second and they are gone the next." said Kindersley Staff Sgt. Kevin Peterson. "We just want everybody to be safe and to get through the whole school year, but especially that first week safely."

The local RCMP member also had this to share on safety around school buses.

"Another thing we ask is always be careful of school buses loading, unloading, and watch out for the unexpected kid that might be darting out between the school buses." said Peterson as caution is key, "If the red lights are on, just do us a favour, and stop and wait until those red lights are off."

On Tuesday morning, the Government of Saskatchewan and new Minister of Education Jeremy Cockrill sent out a message welcoming the more than 190,000 students back to school, whether they choose to learn in person, online, or at home.