Saskatchewan's women and young girls are set to benefit from a new partnership between the Government of Saskatchewan and the Shopper's Foundation for Women's Health. 

Back on Monday, Minister Responsible for the Status of Women Laura Ross was on hand in Prince Albert to announce that more than three million menstrual products are on their way to schools.

"Providing access to menstrual products, particularly for those who face financial barriers, will make a big difference for women and girls in Saskatchewan," Ross said. "This is the beginning of a three-year initiative and we feel privileged to join with our partners at the Shoppers Foundation for Women's HealthTM to roll this out in our province."

School divisions will determine what schools receive the products in their area through a direct delivery, with the focus on supporting students who face financial barriers. Schools aren't the only target, as sixteen of Saskatchewan's women's shelters for domestic violence are also set to receive the free products for their inhabitants. 

Find more through the official Government of Saskatchewan release, as the plan is to provide 12 million menstrual products over the next three years. 

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