Classic Hits has officially delivered the first Meal in the Field of the 2018 harvest season with 7 more deliveries to come this year. 

On August 23rd Ken Sinclair, who's farmed south of McGee since 1981, was this year's first recipient of the Meal in the Field, which came in the form of chicken from A&W in Rosetown.

For the past 8 or so years, Ken's neighbour Doug Clark has helped him with harvest and in return, Ken helped Doug with his.

This year, Ken's crops consist of wheat, durum, lentils and oats. He also has about 35 cows. 

As is the case in much of the region, Sinclair's growing season wasn't as generous in regards to rainfall amounts as he would have hoped.

"We were a little short on moisture but that's pretty general around here I think," Sinclair said. "I mean, the lentils look pretty good but the wheat and durum look a little short."

In the entire season so far, Sinclair said they've only had around 90mm of rainfall, " It's average around here for this year I guess," he said. 

The delivery just happened to coincide with Ken's very first day of harvest operations, in which he had begun combining his lentils.

"Green lentils I'm combining right now out here," he said. "and the red lentils, they look pretty good too so their probably gonna be the most paying crop this year." 

Sinclair said he didn't suffer any troubles this year due to insect, disease or fungus pressure, though they did see a few grasshoppers here and there.

While he is not anticipating a shortage of feed for his animals this year, he acknowledged that hayland pasture conditions are not ideal, and that many farmers will likely have to buy extra feed for their livestock or sell some of them off. 

Lastly, Sinclair told us what he loves about the farming lifestyle. 

"Well, the freedom to do what I want myself, be my own boss, that kind of stuff. I still enjoy it so..." 

Sinclair MITF 2Sinclair Meal in the Field delivery

Congratulations to Ken Sinclair on winning the first Meal in the Field delivery of the year!

There are still 7 more draws that will take place for the contest this year and you can enter your name in to win a Meal in the Field at one of these local businesses:

  • Millsap Fuels in Eston, Elrose, Rosetown or Kindersley
  • Kelly Insurance
  • Central Plains Co-op
  • All West Sales
  • Kindersley Panago
  • A&W in Rosetown

Meal in the Field is sponsored by:

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  • FMC Ag Solutions
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  • Cervus Equipment
  • Flaman
  • Sunrise Foods
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