Winter driving is here! With the changing seasons many can expect a change in driving conditions.
Once the roads freeze ice can develop quickly especially at intersections. Prepare for longer stopping periods. You will notice people driving slower and you'll want to plan your day around the weather. A common mistake made by drivers, is not changing driving habits according to weather.
Some safety tips:
  • Start and stop gently
  • Clear snow and ice from your vehicle before driving
  • Get winter tires
  • Check your headlights
  • Adjust speed according to weather conditions
  • Have a Travel Emergency Kit - warm blankets and non-perishable food
Check the weather forecast and the highway hotline before you go. Highway Hotline.


There are a few things you can do to ensure your car is ready and safe for the winter.
  • Check battery strength
  • Acquire proper performance tires
  • Check and change oil if needed
  • Ensure wiper blades are in proper shape

Automotive Service Technician Brad Long explained some of the dangers of not being prepared. "Worst case scenario you can get into an accident if your vehicle can't grip the road properly or you could come out of your house in the morning to a vehicle that won't start."

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