Boars first came to Saskatchewan when they were introduced to ranches in the 1980s. Boars along with Elk and Ostrich were meant to help diversify agriculture in Saskatchewan. However, it seems that the boars are doing some damage to wheat and grain producers. Each year Sask Crop Insurance receives a few calls about boars causing some damage in fields. 

Darby Warner with SCIC says "they generally don't get hit on the highway. They mostly dig in fields, and cause damage to crops." Wild Boars are hearty creatures who are hard to hunt due to their intelligence and resilience. They reproduce fast with sow's being able to have two litters a year with 4-12 piglets each litter. They're most active at night and groups of them have been known to destroy acres of crop in one night. There is an open hunting season on Boars. Warner added "follow regular hunting rules like no hunting at night, but the season is open year round."

Last year 159 boars were eradicated. They were taken out of the province's Boar population from trapping and hunting. If you see an animal on your property report it to the local RM office. If you suffer damages caused by Wild Boars on your farmland, Crop Insurance covers 100% for damage caused through the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program. You can call them toll free at 1-888-935-0000. is West Central Saskatchewan's only source for community news, weather, and information.


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