The Leader + Sandhills Music Festival has been taking place for well over 60 years in the town of leader and has become part of the town's tradition.

This year's festival consisted of three days to complete each aspect of the festival. Day One consisted of competitors involved in the piano category, while speech arts were held on Day Two.

On the final day of the Music Festival, certain students are invited back for the grand concert. Students receive their scholarships on the final day and also get a chance to perform one of their pieces again. It's decided by an adjudicator on which students are given the opportunity to perform in the grand concert and it's a big honour for the students.

Sheridale Pearman, Corresponding Secretary member with Leader + Sandhills Music Festival, talked about how important this Music Festival is for the youth members in the community.

"It's very valuable because it gives an artistic outlet for our students. It's a great skill to possess for the youth and you can see the students enjoy themselves throughout the year." Pearman stated.

The crowds have been rather consistent over the past few years, with decent crowds to kick off the festival. More people seem to attend the grand concert to see the best performers all at once, and to see the scholarship awards be presented.

Here is a list of award winners from the Leader + Sandhills Music Festival:

Open Adjudicator Awards

Abby Bredeson

Ariel Prosser

Kaylee Romanuik

Olivia Armstrong

Rebecca Marshall

Taylor Aldridge

Trista Kelly

Elyse Romanuik

Andreanna Gizen

Brooklyn Schmaltz (also won Open Centennial Legacy Scholarship)

Best Overall Novice Speech Arts Competitor - 8 Years & Under

Logan Duchscherer

Best Overall Primary Speech Arts Competitor - 10 Years & Under

Bria Sifert

Best Overall Junior Speech Arts Competitor - 12 Years & Under

Joel Stevens

Best Overall Intermediate Speech Arts Competitor - 18 Years & Under

Scott Hilts

Outstanding Novice Competitor - 8 Years & Under

Elizabeth Colburn

Outstanding Primary Competitor - 10 Years & Under

Paige Elsasser

Outstanding Senior Competitor - 16 Years & Under

Volodja Gizen

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