After starting the year with a slightly warmer than average month in January, we've been stuck in a cold pattern so far in February, with winds consistently bringing significant chills to the area. 

According to Warning Preparedness Meteorologist John Paul Cragg, the coldest temperatures we've experienced so far this month were yesterday morning, at -32.3 C with wind chills bringing temperatures down to -40 C at times. 

"It's been pretty consistently cold," Cragg said. "not as cold as it has been in the past in February, it's just there hasn't been a break to this run of cold air that's just been sitting in the province."

According to Cragg there's a chance we could see some freezing rain this afternoon. He said after that, we could see some snow tonight and tomorrow, though it likely won't be much.

He said the good new is, we should see somewhat of a break to cold temperatures over the next few days. 

"We're expecting temperatures to warm-up," Cragg said. "getting to a high of 1 degree today and a high of minus 4 for Wednesday, before temperatures drop off again and we see cold air come flowing back into the province."

Cragg said the warm-up is a result of a low-pressure system that will pass through the province, that will use southerly winds to suck warm air from the Pacific and U.S.

He indicated that after Wednesday, temperatures will likely slip back into the  -15 range, though he said there is a chance the warm temperatures could stick around. 

"There is another low-pressure system that is forecast to pass across the province on the weekend," Cragg said. "or potentially to the south of the province on the weekend. Depending on where that low-pressure system is on the weekend will make a huge difference as to the temperatures felt through Saskatchewan. So though we are showing a warm-up again for the weekend, that warm-up is still in-the-air, as the models haven't really resolved where they're gonna place that low-pressure system."

He said if we do see that low-pressure system pass over the province this weekend, we could see temperatures close to the zero mark.



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