Yellow vest rallies have been spotted all over Canada. Outlook has adopted the movement and a group of protesters braved the cold this past Saturday.

Steve Forbes attended the protest this Saturday. He gave his thoughts on the movement. "Here in Canada, the yellow vest represents working people more than anything, people who are doing work, opposed to people sitting in offices making decisions that affect them."

The yellow vest movement originally started in France last year. Canada has also taken up the movement, with many communities organizing rallies to protest decisions made by the federal government.

The protest is opposed against the federally imposed carbon tax, as well as Bill C-69, which they believe will hurt the oil and gas industry. The carbon tax will come into affect April 1st in Saskatchewan.

They are also against uncontrolled immigration. Forbes noted they are not at all against immigration, "We recognize that we are all immigrants ultimately... but we're against the uncontrolled immigration we see these days, bringing people in in such a way that we can't assimilate them into our society. They need to fit in to our society."

Forbes said they are also pushing for more federal government support for the oil and gas industry, "One of our specific concerns in Western Canada is the difficulty in getting pipelines built." Forbes said he used to live in the Peace River Country in Alberta, where they had trouble getting oil to market so he knows how a collapse in the industry can affect working families, "I've seen people lose their cars, their homes, it's a huge hardship, certainly in Alberta and Saskatchewan."

There was a mixed reaction to the rally in Outlook, with many supporting and others disapproving of the protest. There will be a second protest in the town on February 2nd. is West Central Saskatchewan's only source for community news, weather, and information.