Back during the summer, the Government of Saskatchewan revealed the design of the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal (Saskatchewan) after receiving approval of the design by Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace in London.

The first Medal ceremony was held in Regina on August 30th, just several days before the Queen's eventual passing.

Another ceremony (pictured above) was held in Biggar just recently, as the Speaker of the House and local Biggar-Sask Valley MLA Randy Weekes was on hand back on November 18th, 2022.

Courtesy of the office of MLA Randy Weekes, the Honourable Russ Mirasty Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan presented the following individuals with the medal.

  • Merle Massie-Biggar
  • Nicole Hoppe-Biggar
  • Conrad Jantzen-Langham
  • Samantha Nemanishen-Langham
  • Jason Nemanishen-Langham
  • Beverly Panas-Langham
  • Jeff Peters-Hepburn
  • Delta Fay Cruickshank-Biggar
  • Raymond Sadler-Biggar
  • Dakota Ekman-Biggar
  • Jeanne-Marie deMoissac-Biggar
  • Leith Larson-Biggar
  • Louise Singer-Biggar
  • Dale Buxton-Biggar
  • Cindy Hoppe-Biggar
  • Daryl Hasein-Biggar
  • Lorne Cornish-Dalmeny
  • Robert and Monique Carruthers-Biggar
  • Douglas Motz-Biggar
  • Glenn Barclay-Biggar
  • Lorraine deMoissac-Biggar
  • Douglas Brecht-Asquth
  • Monika Schultz-Biggar
  • Brian and Pamela Willms-Hepburn
  • Margaret Wheaton-Biggar
  • Barb deHaan-Biggar
  • Rae Chamberlain-Biggar
  • Dale Wylie-Biggar,
  • Sharon Fisher-Biggar
  • Joan Scott-Suchan-Biggar
  • Patick Dean and Jennifer Vodden-Dalmeny
  • Janet Hanson-Perdue
  • Ted and Gloria Engel-Biggar
  • Daryle Redlick-Biggar
  • Father Edward Gibney-Biggar
  • Leo Schwebius-Landis

"This medal allows us to honour Her Majesty's commitment to service and pay tribute to Saskatchewan citizens who have devoted their time and effort to serving others in Canada, Saskatchewan and their communities," Lieutenant Governor Russ Mirasty said, "I look forward to participating in medal ceremonies across the province as we celebrate the Platinum Jubilee year."

Another commemorative medal ceremony is set to take place locally this weekend in Kindersley.