People from the West Central region woke up to bone chilling windchill temperatures to start the work week. This included Kindersley on Mondy where the wind chill dropped to unseasonably chilly -35. 

Below seasonal temperatures are expected to remain throughout the week, but not as cold as this past evening. Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Jesse Wagar did say things will warm up as the week goes on.

"The areas in the west and southwest should see a bit of a warmup sooner than the central and east. Last night was the coldest in quite a bite for your area. It's not to say we are out of the clear, I mean it is Saskatchewan, it is not even early spring yet. So, temperature fluctuations are certainly possible, but last night's likely to have been the coldest of this brief cold period."

There is also a chance of flurries the next 24-36 hours, but it should not be significant, according to Wagar. The strongest possibility for snow is towards the end of the week, as Wagar explains.

"We do have a system which is quite far south of Saskatchewan so, it's outreach may see some flurries. Nothing too serious, it does look like it may move in closer to the weekend that could bring a little more snow. But, exactly where that band of snow will set up, is still pretty much up in the air."

You can view your full five-day weather forecast here.