The Kraft Hockeyville competition is back up and running for 2023.

Anyone can nominate their local rink through the Kraft Hockeyville website, and it was the Eatonia Memorial Arena receiving a heartfelt submission from a new resident to the West Central community; Blair. J.

The first question Kraft asks is about a community's spirit, as well as its passion for hockey, and Blair felt compelled to share his answer after only being in the community for under a year.

"My town is small. 500 people but they have an arena," stated the submission, "One of the long time town folks have painted their truck with the logo of team... and in the middle of Main Street during game day they have a flag in the middle of the street that says it's game day."

Moving to West Central from British Columbia, Blair bought right into the Huskies pride.

"I just moved to this town in July 2022, and right off the hop the team was fundraising. It has a sense of pride, that reminds me of my old hometown Penticton and how when it was game night it filled the stands," shared Blair, "It's important to me because being a newcomer to town I was greeted with smiles and kind words. It was just what I needed."

Blair feels the arena has seen some good use considering how small the town is, and that it could benefit greatly from Kraft Hockeyville's $250,000 grand prize.

"I am sure the town will put that money to good use, maybe new bleachers, fix a few leaks in roof, and with any luck connect the pool to the arena and give it a roof! I without a doubt whole heartedly believe the money will get used very well and stretched where needed. For a good old fashioned hockey game, friendly folks should come on down (to Eatonia) and you will not be disappointed."


You can keep up with the Eatonia Memorial Arena and their bid to become Kraft Hockeyville through the link above.