The first races of the season are nearly here for Flatlanders Speedway in Kindersley. One day event on Sunday will mark the first day of racing this year west of Kindersley.

It's an earlier start then usual according to Flatlanders president Jason Hankewich. An earlier start might be making for some extra pressure, but they are excited to open the throttle on a full season starting this weekend.

"Should be really good. It's a little early in the year for, but the way we are making it work this year, I think it will be really good because a lot of people are ready now." he said. "It's going to be a really good start to the year. Usually we start a little slow, but this year it looks like it's going to start really well"

Typically the first races are during the first or second weekend of June.

"This year we decided to hold it at the end of May, just trying to work with some other racetracks and make our schedules work with each other." said Hankewich, already seeing the decision pay off. "In turn we are actually getting more cars that show up from out of town on a regular basis, and vice versa for them."

Street stocks, hobby stuck, truck stock, and Legends are in the mix for Sunday. Hankewich anticipates around 30-40 cars total for the opening weekend.

A new class will also debut, Run Your Junk.

"New class to us. It's very simple to get into, if you have any questions there are some rules on the website. Other then that you can give me a call at 306-430-1359." 

Hankewich also offered up his number for anyone interested in volunteering. They are in need of volunteers for Sunday, and the race season as a whole. 

It's almost time for drivers to start their engines. Sunday's action will begin at 1 PM, with time trials going for an hour beforehand at 12:00 PM.