The wheels haven’t fallen off the Kindersley All-Wheel Park & Recreation Area project as things enter into a new phase. 

It has taken seven plus years to get this far but the marathon is not yet over for Tyrone Kennedy-Bush as the next phase of the project is slowly taking shape. Now that he is finalizing the designs and putting together a budget, fundraising can soon begin on this massive project.

The main focus for Kennedy-Bush in doing all of this, is community and having this space be for not just him but for anyone and everyone. He conducted a survey near the end of last year before finalizing a plan, to get good insight into the minds of those most interested in using the park. This helped personalize the design for the specific wants and needs of those who would gain the most out of its use in Kindersley. 

Kindersley All-Wheel Park & Recreation AreaPhoto courtesy of Kindersley All-Wheel Park & Recreation Area Facebook Page

Looking toward the community for help, Tyrone is sending out rallying call for support far and wide in all fields, including;

  • Gathering Donations 
  • Organizing Fundraisers  
  • Applying for Grants 
  • Overlooking donation totals  
  • As well as any other individuals looking to help in any compacity

This park plans to be a low maintenance area for people of all ages to use year-round. As well as being a space for summer camps and other events, this area boasts a lifetime of at minimum 50 years. Making this park a fun place for generations and not just years at a time.