The Annual General Meeting for Kindersley Minor Sports is coming up on Wednesday. The group shared the meeting date back in April as they wanted to ensure good attendance for the important voting topics at hand. 

Reaching out to Kindersley Minor Sports president Bailen Atkinson, he shared more on the busy agenda for May 8. They need at least 20 people in attendance at the AGM to allow for voting on the potential changes and purchase approvals. 

Atkinson began by sharing the increased funding currently being tabled for the organization. Costs get higher and higher every year, so more money being made available can help with things all the way from baseballs, to full on uniforms.  

"We are going increase the amount of money each board can spend at their own level, right now it's $500. Would like to increase it to $5000. Anything higher than that has to go to the kms board." shared Atkinson. "Then we would like to increase the amount the KMS can approve before going to an AGM. Right now it's $5000. We would like to increase that to $10,000. The costs of most things are quite a bit higher than when it was written."

Another vote is surrounding some infrastructure updates for the ball diamonds around town. Minor Ball is looking to purchase three score clocks, and there could be a decision around fencing too.

The organization is also hoping to change from monthly, to bi-monthly meetings.

"Most things can be approved through our group me app. That being said, if anything comes up that needs to be dealt with I can still call special meetings."

When it comes to filling board positions, some progress has been made after there were 4+ spots open back in April when the group shared the meeting for the first time. Ryan Peardon is letting his name stand for Vice-president, Dean Becker is letting his name stand for the Bus Garage, and Brandie Cales is letting her name stand for Complaints.

Atkinson shared what their needs are heading into the meeting.

"We are also looking to fill two vacant positions. Secretary and a fundraising. Currently there are two fundraising positions we would like to change, one to media and advertising." he shared. "The other fundraising positions is term is up as well.  Lots of spots to fill." 

Again, at-least twenty people need to be in attendance for any changes to officially take place. The meeting is set for the curling rink lounge at 8:00 PM.