At the latest Rosetown Town Council Meeting a couple of key points were up for discussion in new business.  

The first was setting up ground penetrating radar at the Rosetown Cemetery, something which was brought to the attention of the Town Council, at the April 23 Town Council Meeting.  

“They (Town Council) went ahead and approved for a company to do ground penetrating radar at the Rosetown Cemetery, which will tell us which graves are unmarked but occupied,” Rosetown CAO Darcy Olson explained in a recent phone interview. 

The second key point was the discussion of the Rosetown Lagoon Project, which is reaching the second stage. Olson explains. 

“The second part of the Lagoon Project, which is the sewer lift station that's going over near the Department Highway site, is being tendered this week.” 

He also noted there should be some workers out in the area very soon.  

“The actual earthwork for the lagoon, the company that has already received the bid, is going to be moving equipment in soon near the lagoon, so people may see some large pieces of equipment showing up there.” 

Also noted, was the tender for the paving project on 6th street from George Street to Young Street, being sent out this week.