With files from Discover Moose Jaw

The latest crop report for west-central is showing slower crop development due to excess moisture, and also damage due to pests.

Crop development is the main thing to watch with all the seed in the ground. Two in specific stuck out for Meghan Rosso, crops extension specialist with the Ministry of Agriculture. 

"The crops that are the furthest ahead in development are perennial forages" said Rosso before looking at the other side of things. "There is an increase in oilseed crops specifically falling behind." Rosso finished, noting about a 20-40 percent mark behind normal averages.

Fall cereal crops are actually the furthest behind in the region at 46 per cent, but as a whole, crop conditions are rated as mainly good around the region. The only thing hampering them at the moment (outside of last weeks excessive rain) has been pests. 

"Gophers continue to cause damage," said Rosso, that resulting in severe damage in some spots. Most pest damage hasn't been consistent across the board. "Grasshoppers and flea beetles are causing minor to moderate crop damage, with some areas reporting severe crop damage."

Producers are dealing with these pests on a field-by-field basis, across the province and the region. Crop disease is another issue this time of year, producers fighting it with fungicides being applied to slow current disease development.