The stats are in for the Kindersley and District Food Bank for the month of May.

An uptick in clients was seen during the month with the total number of hamper requests finishing at 57 households, as they noted 37 new clients in May. The total number of clients is 105, with 10% of that number being seniors, and 30% being children.

Stats for the current year in total show 500 more clients for an increase of 10% in total, and the total weight of the food distributed this calendar year so far is 26,328 pounds.

Hampers typically contain 7 days worth of nutritionally balanced food. The total amount of hampers filled this year has supported 305 households, as there have been 35 new hamper requests since January.

Canned soup, fruit, vegetables, as well as meat is acceptable for donations, as well as any other non-perishable food item. It's important to note as well that money is always an acceptable donation to your local food bank. Financial donations give the food banks the flexibility to stock their inventory as they need. 

It's also noted, that official tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or more.