Two of three West Central Wheat Kings AA teams this year have a new head coach.

The U13 AA team announced Macklin's Sheldon Reschny as their head coach back on June 24, joining Zane Hayes for U15, and then returning coach Pat Sperle for the U18 team.

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WestCentralOnline caught up with the new coach to talk about the upcoming season. Reschny has some prior experience with the U13 program.

"Excited to get working with the kids. I helped last year with the team, and then about 4-5 years ago I was also with the U13 AA team with Brett Sautner."

Even with the short hiatus before last year, the Reschny name is no stranger to the back of a Wheat Kings sweater. Over the year's multiple Reschny's have donned the black and gold, including Sheldon's nephew Cole Reschny who will soon be in camp with the Victoria Royals trying to crack their roster for the upcoming WHL season.  

The new coach detailed his hockey background.

"I played a lot of years of senior hockey is really all I did." began Reschny. "I have a brother that did do four years of NCAA down in Boston. With the nephews and my own kids, I have an older boy in AAA midget, that's my experience."

The bench boss laid out some expectations.

"I'm excited to get working with the kids that's for sure. Try to help them along the way, improve throughout the season. Really, I just hope we improve weekly and have a good work ethic all the way through." 

Perhaps the biggest piece of the puzzle at this age is making sure players know what it takes to complete a full campaign of hockey. Reschny knows the importance of keeping things light at this level, but also realizes it's the first foray into real competition for many of the players.

"As the season gets going, after the team is picked, I really just hope they come ready to compete hard every single practice and game. Like I said, improve each week as we go along throughout the season."

Reschny has an idea of the level of competition they will be facing this year. He knows the team will have their work cut out for them if they want to compete, let alone win. It's a challenge they are looking to conquer right here in west-central Saskatchewan.

"I'm not saying we can't, but it won't come easy. I'm hoping that throughout the year they can use their individual skillset, but also play within a team game and be on the right side of pucks at all times."

The team will look to eclipse the 8-13-3 record posted last year, all while balancing the competition with fun.

"U13 AA is kind of an introduction to it, and hopefully get the second years ready for that U15 year. But they still have to have fun and enjoy the game throughout the year as well, right? It might be a long year for some only just getting to this calibre now."

363982094_1480447126042429_206528696392991903_n.jpgRegistrations are being accepted until September 1 (via Facebook)

After the team's tryouts being held at the end of September, the U13 AA north division meeting is being held September 25 where things will be set in stone for the upcoming season.

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