Temperatures have started to drop across the entire province, and the winter season isn't going anywhere for the next several months. It's important to be careful and use extra caution for safe and sufficient ice before venturing out for ice fishing or other winter activities.

Ice thickness depends on the water-body and surrounding conditions.  Ice does not freeze at a uniform thickness and ice strength can vary considerably from one area to another.

There is a guide to follow when walking on ice that should be taken seriously to keep your safety. There should be at least 4 inches of ice to walk on, 20 cm to drive a snowmobile or ATV on, 30 cm to drive a car or light truck on, and more than 30 cm to drive a heavy truck on.

However, the thickness of ice is just a small factor that can help make or break your chances of safety. Other recommendations are to avoid areas that look slushy in snow, anywhere near moving water or areas that have thawed out, and become warm again.