It was a busier than usual week for members of the Biggar RCMP. Regular police business included ten traffic tickets and twenty warnings for traffic safety violations, but police were also kept busy investigating rural thefts and subsequent damage.

The main call that had police looking for answers included stolen property inside the RM of Biggar, and subsequent damage caused in a nearby field. The vehicle in the title photo above was found stuck during a night of mischief and thefts, according to Biggar detachment commander SGT. Dereck Crozier.

"A red Big Dog Black Jack zero-turn mower was stolen from a rural property in the RM of Biggar, along with an old flat deck truck that suspects decided to joy ride through a freshly planted crop until the vehicle got stuck, causing a ton of senseless damage to some hard work." 

The recent situation was shared as part of the June 17 report, and that wasn't the only theft of note.

"Another black Dodge pickup pulling a flat deck trailer was also seen in the area around this time and responsible for some of the rural property theft in the area." said Crozier, confirming that members lost track of the vehicle out near Harris.

Biggar RCMP crop damage.jpg The results of the joyride (Photo courtesy Biggar RCMP) 

More suspicious activity came after reports of people attempting to take a vehicle from a yard inside the RM of Eagle Creek. Police also shared that the Perdue Post Office was broken into and had many mailboxes damaged, as police are on the lookout for two female suspects that were driving a white SUV during the early hours of the morning.

Vehicle related calls ruing the week included a rollover on Highway 14 near Perdue in which the driver suffered minor injuries after rolling their vehicle off Hwy 14 near Perdue. The other highway calls consisted of a trio of three day driving suspensions, and a pair of 60 day suspensions, all related to driving under the influence of marijuana.

A noise complaint also came in during the week in Perdue, being reported after yet another situation involving some not-so-well-acquainted neighbours. There was also a report of a gas theft during the week, where the tab at the local Esso was quickly cleared after police tracked down the culprit.