With the summer heat setting in, the Saskatchewan Health Authority wants everyone to take extra precautions if our fridge or freezer loses power.  

During extended power outages, foods may become hazardous if they are sat at 4 C for more than two hours and should be discarded. 

Frozen foods should be kept at –18 C. Frozen, partially thawed, or thawed foods below the recommended 4 C can be prepared and consumed. Thawed vegetables, fish, shellfish, ice cream, and frozen foods should be discarded due to bacteria multiplying rapidly in these types of foods. 

Although partially thawed foods that still contain ice crystals can be safely refrozen, this partial thawing and refreezing will reduce the quality of most foods. 

Of course, any unusual colouring or smelling food should be discarded. Not all spoiled food may look or smell bad so precautions should be followed. 

When in doubt, throw it out. 

Be sure to document the type and amount of food being thrown out so you can provide the information to your insurance company. 

Once you have thrown out the spoiled food, it is recommended you clean out the fridge or freezer to reduce the chances of cross contaminating the new groceries.