Spring has finally sprung in west central Saskatchewan. Temperatures are aiming to be over the freezing point for the next few weeks. 

Justin Shelley a meteorologist from environment Canada and climate change explained in a recent interview that a “Bleak impulse that going to be moving after the southern part of the province [today], and so in behind that on Wednesday we’ll see some slightly cooler temperatures. Not a real big shift in the overall patterns...” 

There is a slight chance of a shower today turning into flurries but most of it will be dumping further east before reaching us. 

The temperatures are expected to be normal or slightly above normal going into the weekend, giving us the spring we have been waiting for. 

Historically, we are well above average, with temperatures dancing around 0. The lowest temperatures recorded for this week touched around minus 30 going into the weekend with 2009 hitting a staggering minus 34.