The Biggar RCMP detachments report for March 25 is in. During the week of reporting members dealt with a few calls to the highway regarding collisions, among more specific reports.

After cattle were stolen from the area back at the start of March, this week's report shared that a red white-faced bull was stolen from the RM of Eagle Creek. 

Another call out for police saw them dealing with an uttering threats complaint after receiving word of high school students sparring with their words. People will want to make sure their doors are locked, as police discovered a 43-year-old female going through parked vehicles behind the day care. Residents will also want to stay aware of scam calls, as the detachment has received recent calls pertaining to fraud complaints, where the scammer is requesting pre-paid visa card numbers.

The final miscellaneous item on the list saw the complaint of an aggressive German shepherd dog in town, where things were handled by the local by-law officer.

Shifting to the highways, where there was a majority of the action, five drivers receiving tickets for traffic violations, while nine more were warned on traffic safety. One collision that stuck out was on Highway 14 and Highway 4 north, as a driver was not quick enough to avoid a driver pulling into oncoming traffic.

Outside of that, a white cube van was reported driving all over the road from Landis to Biggar on Highway 14, found to be eating while operating a vehicle. Police dealt with more erratic driving after an impaired driver near Kinley joined reports of another car swerving on Highway 14. Another call had police dealing with a suspicious vehicle on Highway 372, later found to be local youth.

Detachment Commander SGT. Dereck Crozier ended off the report on a positive note, after a special performance in Biggar on the weekend.

"A big shout out to the cast, crew and volunteers for the “Chicago” production put on at the local theatre. Great job by all!"

The detachment dealt with a total of 28 occurrences during the week. Read the related articles below, to find what was a jam-packed report from Biggar RCMP last week.