The Ministry of Agriculture's latest crop report for the province was released Thursday morning. With the 2024 provincial crop 56 per cent seeded, many producers were able to make considerable progress after dealing with rain delays.

That was not the case looking specifically at west-central Saskatchewan. Seeding delays continued due to wet conditions in the region, but some solid progress was still noticed in comparison to the week prior.

"Widespread rainfall delayed seeding throughout the region over the past week. Currently, 47 per cent of the crop seeded. This is up 24 per cent from last week’s reported progress, but behind the five-year average for the region of 85 per cent."

Below is the government's breakdown of what's in the ground.

  • 89 per cent of fall cereals and 58 per cent of spring cereals are at normal stages of development for this time of year;
  • Eleven per cent of fall cereals are behind the normal stages of development
  • Spring cereals are reported as 42 per cent behind in the region.
  • Oilseeds are reported at 47 per cent at normal stages of development with 53 per cent falling behind.
  • Pulse crops are at 59 per cent normal stages of development with 41 per cent falling behind the expected development stage for this time of the year.

For the most part, significant amounts of rain were welcomed by local producers even if they kept them out of the field. The Macklin and Unity areas saw the biggest dump at 30 and 31 mm respectively, Sonningdale's 28 mm and Rosetown's 25 mm coming in behind them.

Those areas are where the rain has fallen recently, but the region overall has received it's fair amount of rain in May. As a result, topsoil moisture conditions have been improving mightily.

  • Cropland topsoil moisture is reported at one per cent surplus, 93 per cent adequate and six per cent short;
  • Hayland topsoil moisture is estimated at 82 per cent adequate, 16 per cent short and two per cent very short;
  • and Pasture topsoil moisture is one per cent surplus, 82 per cent adequate, 16 per cent short and one per cent very short

The rain is also keeping pasture conditions in a good spot. According to the release, west-central has a current rating of 16 per cent excellent, 51 per cent good, 22 per cent fair, ten per cent poor and one per cent very poor. 

Other weather to report during the week included minor flooding, frost and wind damage, though nothing resulting in any crop damage. Continuing to seed, other tasks for producers over the next week will include moving cattle to pasture, branding, and herbicide applications.