The wet weather is causing for less traffic on local grid roads. According to, four different local rural municipalities currently have road restrictions in place as of June 4.

Beginning with the RM of Winslow, on Monday afternoon it was decided that no vehicles exceeding 10 Tonne are permitted to move. Also on Monday, the RM of Snipe Lake halted the movement of vehicles exceeding 8 Tonne. Those restrictions were activated at 7:30 PM. 

Taking effect Tuesday at 6:30 AM, the RM of Oakdale is stating that no vehicles exceeding 10 Tonne are permitted to move, though moves will be considered on a case by case basis, and it's also noted that Hopedale Road and Pipeline Road are exempt. The RM of Antelope Park also shared Tuesday that no vehicles exceeding 8 Tonne are permitted to move until further notice, that taking effect at 7:35 AM.

Each local RM also shared that "road usage is to be done on frozen & dry track only", and that "fines apply when damages occur". Sunny weather this weekend should help with the overall conditions of roads, and you can view the upcoming weather forecast HERE.