The latest Rosetown RCMP Report is in from March 3rd to the 9th.

On the cool evening March 3rd, Rosetown police received multiple calls, one being from a citizen requesting a well-being check. Shortly after on the same night, the Rosetown RCMP were called and received a complaint about mischief within the town. The matter is currently under investigation. Along with this call and early the same morning there was also a concern with a business claiming a disturbance of peace.

The next day, on March 4th Rosetown RCMP received a complaint of fraud in Elrose which is still currently being investigated by police. Later on, the same day police were involved in the mediation of a family dispute. Then, before the day could come to an end, RCMP received a report of a break and entering into a Rosetown residence. Although there was not much evidence found.

On March 5th, police in Rosetown received a call claiming a suspicious persons had entered a rural farmyard. An investigation was held but there was no suspicious activity found.

On the chilly morning of March 6th, police were informed of a suspicious person in Harris Saskatchewan. Police spoke to the complainant. Later on that day Rosetown RCMP received a call regarding another suspicious vehicle at a rural farmyard. An investigation occurred but was stopped due to insufficient evidence. The day finished with a complaint of a suspicious vehicle at a rural farmyard. Members attended but there was insufficient evidence to proceed.

Shifting gears to March 7, there was a request for a wellbeing check in Rosetown. Members spoke to the subject of complaint. Also noted, was a complaint of an abandoned vehicle near Fiske. The matter is still under investigation. 

Moving onto March 8, a complaint of an erratic driver in Rosetown was noted and is still under investigation. And to wrap up the week, Members received a complaint of an abandoned trailer near Rosetown. The matter is still under investigation.

There were also 20 Traffic related charges issued, 2 911 mis-dial calls and 1 false alarm call during the week.