The bowling league in Kindersley finished their 2023-24 campaign with an awards banquet on Sunday night, officially knocking down all the pins on their season.

The night was full of recognition for each and every team, but especially for the league champions. After the Tuesday and Wednesday night playoffs each finished earlier in April, the two sides played against one another in a five game series to figure out the Interleague champion, and the Wednesday crew managed to take home the win.

Each team was recognized at the banquet for coming away as champs.

1000011477.jpgTuesday night champs Rob Cote, Gregg Gordon, Candy Gordon, Ashley Bower, Brandie Cote (Photos courtesy Candy Gordon)


1000011476.jpg Wednesday night champ Dean Sarrasin, Jason Radies, Tyler Noble, Mark Nargang, and Mark Traichel, posing with the Interleague trophy

The one behind the Tuesday and Wednesday night action Jeff Soveran helped recap the season. Not sparing any details, it was definitely a strike.

"In every category you have a high average, a high single, and a high triple. Those are the three main ones." said Soveran, as different categories exist for all skill levels, bowlers being tiered by their ability, based on their average.

With Soveran even admitting that the handicap system is somewhat tough to follow, there's still no doubt it's what works for a fair and even league. Being a cash league, the law of averages helps ensure that almost everybody can walk away a winner at the end of the season. 

Soveran said that every team that bowls wins money. It's a system that's been around for years, with a loose attachment to the National Hockey League.

"Used to be called the NHBL." he described as teams form teams to build two conferences, four team divisions, and let the action commence. "It depends on which playoff format we use, lots of times at the end of year we will do 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, and so on." said Soveran, as the regular season stretch sometimes even includes the push for a bye week.

Each team that loses in playoffs then wins a cash prize, the lowest total this year being $225 dollars. That number continues to go up as the number of eliminated teams grows, Soveran saying the grand prize this year was around $6500. 

"The league is designed that every team will walk away with cash. And each year it goes higher and higher." he said, hoping to eventually bring the pot to $10,000. "People really like to compete and have fun and win some money."

Soveran also sees the potential to move from 16 to 24 teams, adding an extra night to the league schedule. The league has rebounded nicely since the pandemic and Soveran hopes to see more people signing up.

"Over three nights is what our goal is. Normally we have a full house with 16 teams, during COVID it was a different story because we had six teams one night, seven the other, and people weren't going out either."

Another issue perhaps holding people back is the commitment to a long season, a move they addressed by starting the season a little later on in October.

"Some people find the season quite long, so we try to start it in October now and finish by the end of March," he said as a rough timeline. "Before spring comes, and before fall is finished. They can still be outside enjoying the weather."

Bowling is a great way to spend the winter months, and lead people into all of the great spring/summer/fall activities Kindersley has to offer. People will be looking to keep busy outdoors, before slipping back on the bowling shoes for another season next winter. 

"There's lots going on. Kindersley has got a million activities."

Shop-Kindersley gift cards were handed out alongside the awards. The Interleague champs won a $75 gift card, the runners up getting a $50 card. Find the rest of the award winners courtesy of Soveran below.