After helping bring in a New Year's bash for Kindersley, Banger Bingo was brought back to West Central over the weekend, this time in Eatonia.

The Eatonia Huskies senior hockey team played a key part in organizing the event, and President Matt McKinnon shared some of the feedback they received on the event as it was one that will surely be remembered.

"They did a fantastic job. Well worth the money. All the comments that we heard from attendees and everyone working there were incredible. They knocked it out of the park."

Hosting what's not your average game of bingo has been a major hit for the electric party team out of Medicine Hat.

"(They are) very entertaining. It's almost like a rock and roll concert. Bingo and prizes and there was dance-offs. A whole bunch of stuff," said McKinnon.

Check out the Eatonia Huskies Facebook page to see more content from the night out, and keep up with the team as they move into the final stretch of their first season back in senior hockey.