The Baseball Canada Cup will soon be coming to a close in Kindersley. The event will wrap up on Monday the 16th.


Results: August 13th

9:00 AM: Flanagan Park     British Columbia  2  vs. Ontario  3 

10:00 AM: Berard Field      Québec  4  vs. New Brunswick  1 

12:00 PM: Flanagan Park   Manitoba  14  vs. Newfoundland and Labrador  0 

6:30 PM: Flanagan Park     Québec  2  vs. British Columbia  7 

7:00 PM: Berard Field         Nova Scotia  4  vs. Prince Edward Island  5 

9:30 PM: Berard Field         New Brunswick  5  vs. Ontario  11

Schedule: August 14th

9:00 AM: Berard Field          Alberta  vs. Saskatchewan

10:00 AM: Flanagan Park     Prince Edward Island  vs. Manitoba

12:00 PM: Berard Field        New Brunswick  vs. British Columbia

1:00 PM: Flanagan Park       Ontario  vs. Québec

3:00 PM: Berard Field          Newfoundland and Labrador  vs. Alberta

4:00 PM: Flanagan Park       Saskatchewan  vs. Nova Scotia