With the Canada Day festivities slowly approaching, Better Together Kindersley is looking for people who find joy in getting out and helping with something fun. 

With so many events, new and old, the search for some supervisors has begun. 

Marge Bailey Director of Better Together Kindersley spoke with WestCentralOnline, giving a very convincing argument to anyone that wants to make Kindersley and the whole West Central Region better. 

“We want you to join our team because we have a committed group because we love people, we love our community, and we want to provide family activities to all that participate. “ 

If that's too intimidating, just helping at this single event can make for a very fulfilling experience.

“I always believe you always get back more than you give. You always have wonderful stories and experiences working when you're in a group and providing a service that people really do appreciate.” 

On Canada Day specifically, there will be water and food provided to those that help and it will provide a great opportunity to get out and help bring the community together. 

You can reach Marge Bailey through the Better Together phone number at 306 500 1173 for more information on volunteering not only for the Canada Day events but for other great causes championed by Better Together.