The Kindersley Jr. Klippers will be hosting a special home game tomorrow night at the AGT Centre in Rosetown.

The Nipawin Hawks will be in town, and are currently riding a four game winning streak. This game will have special meaning for two players, one from each side, as Klippers rookie Kayden Ostrom grew up in the west central community, and so did Hawks defenseman Eric Robbie. 

The stands are expected to be full, and there should be a ton of school kids in the stands as the Klippers handed out some free tickets at Walter Aseltine School earlier this week.

JKs at WAS 1Jr. Klippers veteran Matthew Mazzocchi answering questions at Walter Aseltine School earlier this week. He is joined by linemate and Klippers veteran Aidan Bangs (center), and Adam Paplawski (right).

The action begins in Rosetown at 7:30 pm Saturday from the AGT Centre.