The Dinsmore Dynamos and Kenaston Blizzards are getting ready for a very important game two at the Kenaston Arena tonight. WestCentralOnline caught up with Dinsmore head coach Troy Atkinson about the season so far for the Dynamos heading into tonight’s pivotal game.  

“It has been a good run for us. It was a big deal for us to beat our rival to the south of us, Kyle (Elks). We fell a little short with Wilkie in provincials, but we gave them a good game in the second game.” Atkinson also pointed out the wonderful support the team has received all season long.” 

Atkinson then gave a recap of the regular season.  

“I think aside from one vet that we had come back this year, he's been out of hockey for about seven years, but I guess our next oldest guy would be probably 28 or 29 years old, so youth is on our side right now. It's as good a core as we've probably ever had here, we're excited about that.” 

As coach Atkinson mentioned earlier, the big win was against their rivals from Kyle.  

“It was huge because we've always had a battle with them over the years and they've always had a strong club there and they still do, but the boys just gutted it out. We beat them a couple nights with 12 skaters, and it was really a confidence builder for us and our new goaltender this year has really helped us along the way as well.” 

The future like bright for the senior program heading forward according to Atkinson. 

“There's a lot of effort put into running the team. A lot of guys spend a lot of time at it, and we get a lot of community support, it's a source of pride for the area, for sure.” 

Tonight's action gets underway at 8:00 pm.