The Town of Elrose is getting ready to build a special new park in the west central community. It will be called the Elrose Gasper Family Park. 

West Central Online reached out to the Gasper Family Park committee and talked to member Bridget Copeland about the plans for the new park. 

“The Gasper Family Foundation is going to be building park in Elrose which is really exciting. So, what we're hoping to build is like a more toddler focused playground with a (bicycle) pumptrack. So, it's going to be a pretty big project and we're really excited about it.” 

Copeland then elaborated on how they are raising funds for the new park. 

“We're fundraising for the Gasper Family Foundation. So, all proceeds from the Christmas party and all the proceeds coming in to the Gasper Family Foundation at this point will go towards the project. It's kind of been a combined effort from all aspects, from before any fundraising that they've done, and we're just putting towards so that there's more fundraising in the foundation account.” 

Back to the Christmas party, they managed to raise a substantial amount from it towards the project. 

“We made over $20,000 at the Christmas party, which is amazing. We are working with the pumptrack company to work out how much exactly we need for the pump track part so that we know what our goal is conclusively with the playground and the pumptrack.” 

The committee will be finding out just how much money they will need for the Family Park very soon, as Copeland explains.  

“We're still working out the details on that because we haven't gotten the final design yet from the pumptrack company. So, what we're doing right now is we're trying to fundraise as much as we can until we get that final number, and then we'll have more of an estimate of how much exactly more we'll need.” 

West Central Online will have more on the plans for the new Gasper Family Park in Elrose in the coming weeks.